KOLT Run Creations produces unique, essential, critically-acclaimed theatrical works for Sacramento audiences.  Run by performer Kelley Ogden and director Lisa Thew, KOLT has gained an impressive reputation with the Sacramento Bee calling them “fresh and distinctive producers with daring artistic sensibility” and “a significant factor in local theater” and Sacramento News & Review describing their work as “thought-provoking”, “emotionally powerful”, and “precisely what political theatre ought to be.” 

KOLT Run Creations was established to produce plays that focus on the dichotomy between the individual self and their respective community, frequently shining light on the untold stories of those in the darkness of society’s fringes.

Through programming that consists of full-scale productions, readings, workshops, educational opportunities and partnerships with other theatre companies, our works are devoted to engaging the Sacramento community in a thought-provoking and unique dialogue on who we all are and our role in the greater societal environment, even if that means asking our audiences to journey with us beyond their comfort zones.

KOLT Run Creations takes pride in selecting scripts that balance risk with honesty; utilizing the highest quality of performers and designers; exploring multiple, diverse styles to tell these stories; and embracing elements of improvisation, physical exploration and text analysis to create an organic, collaborative and engaging process for all artists involved.

More information can be found at www.koltruncreations.com.


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